Halo Combat Evolved

Do You Play HUD or no HUD?

Does that affect how immersed you are?

I’ve heard a lot of developers saying that they’ve removed the HUD in video games because that makes the game more realistic. I can see how having no health bars or other things could make it seem more realistic. However, it doesn’t really make a difference to me if they put a HUD or not. I tend to look at other things in a game if I want it to be immersed in it.

How about you?


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  • realism is crucial when battling dragons 😉

  • I’m all for revolutionising the use of HUDs in video games, as gamers it’s something that we need, I feel that Dead Space really nailed the use of minimalist HUD! More game should use that approach, Infamous 2 suffered badly from a cluttered screen that ruins immersion.

    Could we get rid of HUD? In sports game I think most definitely.

  • Savannah Winter

    I really liked Dead Space’s approach, and wouldn’t mind HUDless gameplay. For a shooter, that’d mean counting rounds left and all that. Then again, I’m one of those people who’s all for penalizing switching magazines after every shot by requiring players to salvage ammo from ejected magazines and reload the mags themselves. Super evil!

  • I would say that no HUD ruins my gameplay in the sense that I can not control everything as I would wish. Like the health for example, I would want to keep track of it at all times no matter what, without it I feel “naked” and it’s just bothersome.