Batman Arkham Origins

Most Annoying Glitch You’ve Found?

Glitches can be useful but most of the time they’re a pain in the ass. 

I have made use many times of the glitch which allows Lara Croft to fight that t-rex from a spot where she can’t be hurt in Tomb Raider but on the other hand, it was a glitch in Batman: Arkham Origins which prevented me from finishing that game.

Just this weekend, our very own Yesika Reyes’s spouse in Fable II became permanently stuck in a wall and can’t be divorced or killed. What’s the most frustrating video game glitch you’ve come across?

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  • I’d be hardpressed to remember the most annoying glitch (though my memory of the very anticlimactic end of KOTOR2 made it feel like something glitched out), but the most *recent* annoying one is in the PS4 version of the Lego Movie game. In the very first hub world, if one of my characters got into a car, they were stuck there until I started a mission. How does that not get past QA?

  • I think it’s more of an exploit than a glitch, but there’s a trick in Skyrim with the “Oghma Infinium” item that allows a player to infinitely bump their stat using only a bookcase and the item. I ended up doing it just to see if I could, and ended up ruining the game for myself simply because my character had essentially become a God and just waded through everything. >_<

  • The word “glitch” really bugs me. It makes the problem sound like a minor, temporary setback. Almost like it is my fault for being so annoyed by it. The most annoying bug is the one that makes me get off the couch to power down the console

  • I loved Tomb Raider (2013) but there was a point in the game where you had to use an explosion to launch a cage down a ramp, then you could climb on to it to access the next area. The game used a single save that auto saved (this is important). After I caused the cage to slide down the ramp successfully, I saw an area above where the cage had been that probably had some kind of collectible hidden away in it. It appeared to me that I needed the cage in it’s original position to reach it, so I loaded the recent save to try and get the cage back at the top of the ramp. The auto-save was triggered at the moment of the explosion, dislodging the cage immediately, only this time it didn’t fall off the end of the ramp and come to rest against the wall I needed to climb. It somehow fell through the end of the ramp getting stuck, becoming suspended in air sort of, with a really loud obnoxious repeating clunk sound to go with it. It was now too high for Lara to jump and grab onto the top, (and you couldn’t come up behind it on the ramp). It did this with every reload attempt, even after rebooting the system a day later. This seemingly made it impossible to continue, and for as much as I loved the game, the thought of restarting it was not appealing. It looked like I was going to have to quit.

    The kicker, and my saving grace, was that you didn’t need the cage to reach the area above it that I had spotted, you could climb the outer frame of the ramp structure. It did not quite extend to where the ramp ended, but after about 2 hours of deft maneuvering I managed to have Lara jump/fall in the direction of the suspended cage and grab on, then leap to the areas exit.