Mirror's Edge

Is the New Combat Focus in Mirror’s Edge a Cause for Concern?

DICE has said combat will have an expanded role in the reboot but is that a good idea?

Karl Magnus Troedsson, DICE’s general manager, recently told CVG that the Mirror’s Edge reboot will feature expanded yet refined combat and we’ve certainly seen faith perform faster and smoother take-downs in the game’s E3 trailer than she ever managed in the original.

Both hand-to-hand and armed combat were considered weak elements of Mirror’s Edge so an improvement is welcome but even so, could this increased focus on fighting take away from the free-running for which the game was so lauded?

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  • I think it’ll be fine as long as it’s not forced on the player. I never played the original due to my aversion to platforming, but my understanding was that you could play the whole game without shooting at all. I think that’s fantastic and the sequel should try to do the same, but I think improving combat for players who do want to kick some ass is a good thing as well.

  • Yeah as long as combat doesn’t become mandatory. It was fun to punch and kick and disarm bad guys but it was a little awkward to do. And the gun play was even worse. Any kind of improvements to the hand-to-hand combat would be awesome, but I still want the choice to just run away. The game was a lot more exciting when you were pulling off all those free-running moves while getting shot at.