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Nintendo Won’t Reveal New Hardware at E3, but Should They?

Nintendo has confirmed that it won’t reveal a new console at this year’s E3 but do you think they should? 

Numerous reports last week suggested that Nintendo were planning to announce a new console at E3 but the company denied the rumours on Friday. The 3DS has done pretty well for itself but even that fell far short of Nintendo’s estimates for the last fiscal year while the Wii U didn’t even sell half of the company’s original projections for the period.

Nintendo has made losses for the last three years now and while it has huge cash reserves – more than enough to compensate – investors like to see returns on their investments and in a bid to diversify, the firm is now involved in the Japanese health market.

It’s highly unlikely that Nintendo would have had enough R&D time for a successor to the Wii U but given the extreme difficutly faced by the console, do you think a new announcement would have been just what Nintendo needs?

Part of the company’s problems no doubt come down to the fact that many – including a huge number of Wii owners – are simply unaware the Wii U even exists and some have advocated for the console to be rebranded the Wii 2. Keeping in mind that Nintendo will once again not have an E3 press conference, what announcements do you think they can make to revitalise their games business?

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  • Rebranding I can see, particularly in a slim-style redesign. However, cutting the system entirely and restarting from scratch would probably be the worst thing Nintendo could do. It would alienate its base and force them to start back at square one. Considering how long it has taken Nintendo to begin shoring up the library on the Wii U, starting over again would pretty much be the end of Nintendo for the foreseeable future.

    At this point, Nintendo is really stuck in the long game. A lot of announced games and ideas still don’t have release dates, making the system a must own (later) than a must own (now). Moving to a more powerful or normalized system wouldn’t particularly help them considering they’ve been alienating third parties since the N64, and a complete turn around is unlikely to bring them back all of a sudden.

  • Nope, don’t want to see new Nintendo hardware anytime soon. I purchased a Wii U on day one, and if Nintendo wants me to ever buy another one of their consoles they are going to have to salvage Wii U and not abandon it.

    What could they do to increase sales? Beats me. They need third party support and they aren’t going to get it. So Wii U owners are going to have long waits in between Nintendo releases and the few third party games.

    Allowing 3DS games to be played on Wii U (without the 3D) would have been something at least, but they didn’t go that route. As is, there’s few things coming out for Wii U that I care about. The next Zelda and that X title from Monolith, other than that everything is unknown.