Nintendo Co's President Iwata poses with company's Wii U gaming controller at company headquarters after an interview with Reuters in Kyoto

Nintendo, Who Should they Partner With?

If Nintendo is to merge, who should they merge with?

Satoru Iwata said yesterday that Nintendo is considering mergers and acquisitions as a possible solution to the company’s financial difficulties.

Nintendo has vast cash reserves but they’re burning money fast. As part of the changing nature of the company, they’re moving into healthcare (yes, really), but that still leaves problems for the gaming side of the House of Mario.

Which companies do you think would make for a good partner or buy-out option for the struggling game maker ?

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  • When Atlus was for sale, Nintendo would have been a good purchaser. In my opinion, Nintendo should seek more smaller-scale and niche developers to partner with. Nintendo games already have the wide appeal, a more hardcore base would give fleeing gamers something to return to, and could reduce the growing stigma associated with the brand from that base. If they could bring Platinum games in as second party that would be ideal.