Grand Theft Auto V

Are You Ready for Grand Theft Auto V?

Have you prepared your call-in sick voice yet? If not, you better because Grand Theft Auto V is coming.

I’m a loyal follower of the Grand Theft Auto series, so you can bet your top dollar that I’ve  already pre-ordered Grand Theft Auto V. I’m expecting it to ship out from Amazon’s warehouse by the end of the day. 

I love how Amazon has the option to have a game delivered to you on the day of its release. GameStop only starts to process the pre-order shipment the day it comes out. This isn’t sponsored, I genuinely love the former and their services.

Yup, I want Grand Theft Auto V as soon as it comes out. I won’t settle for digital because it deserves to be a physical copy.

I think I’m ready for this game when it comes out. I’ve read all the material I need for classes in advance and finished all my homework too. If this game is really, really good like I’m expecting it to be, I’ve already practiced my ‘sick’ voice.

How about you? What have you done to prepare for Grand Theft Auto V?

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  • Why you gotta rub it in?. I get off of work a little before midnight. Just time enough to make it GameStop for the midnight release, but we only have one game store in my town and it’s got a couple thousand preorders and I’m not waiting in that line because I’m scheduled to go back to work in the morning for TWELVE consecutive hours. So I can’t pick it up or play it the next day either. I’m too much of a square to call in (plus I need the overtime) so my GTAV PS3 bundle will have to wait. Oh well, I’m finishing up a last-minute ME3 renegade speed run so I’ll have one last hurrah with evil broShep tonight for my 360’s going on the shelf party.

  • Sorry about that buddy!

    I’m anxiously waiting for mine to ship from Amazon. I even called customer service and asked why it hasn’t been shipped yet lol

    Perhaps just wait for it on PS4??