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Excited for the Resident Evil Remake?

The Resident Evil remake will be hitting PC and consoles next year.


If you’re not entertained or spooked by the recent Resident Evil games, Capcom finally realized it and decided to re-release and remake one of the greatest games in their franchise. The company will be re-launching the first Resident Evil game that takes place in a mansion. You know, that game with live action cut scenes. Anyway, hopefully this will buy Capcom some time until they can make another awesome Resident Evil game.

Are you excited for the remake?

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  • Savannah Winter

    Are they going to switch out the clunky movement and shooting mechanics or will it be the same as the last remake they made? I mean, the graphics weren’t the problem, imo.

  • Actually, yes. I missed the Gamecube remake and if there’s a video game story that deserves to be remade and remade again for future generations, it’s Resident Evil. Just bought RE4 HD on the cheap from XBL so I’ll FINALLY be playing that one.

  • No. I already own Resident Evil, the Director’s Cut, and the remake on the ‘Cube. I’m not giving Capcom money for stuff I already own thrice and I’m not giving Capcom any more money for attempting to repackage their old ideas as spirited revisions. This might be hypocritical of a retro-gamer, but this company should stop living in the past and name recognition. Try something different for a change, or at the very least, make a GOOD, NEW, PROGRESSIVE Resident Evil game.

  • So, are they remaking the remake which was a remake of the original?