Will You Play Swing Copters?

The latest creation of Flappy Bird’s creator.


Earlier this year, Dong Nguyen took the world by storm through the success of his iOS game Flappy Bird. He reportedly earned $55,000 in ad revenue every single day the game was live. It topped the charts for weeks as well. Everyone was crazy about it. However, success did not come easily as he was criticized for copying an existing the title that’s extremely similar. The backlash pushed him to take it down because he couldn’t handle the stress and claimed that people were too addicted to it.

Lo and behold, he released a new game called Swing Copters and it’s exactly like Flappy Bird but vertical and without a bird. You’re not fooling anyone Dong, but I bet people will still play the game.


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  • I downloaded it this morning out of sincere curiosity, tried it for about 20 seconds, hated it, then immediately deleted it from my iPhone and I never want to think about it ever again.