What Do You Hope Rocksteady Reveals Next?

Would you like to see Rocksteady return to Gotham or do something else entirely?

Yesterday, it was reported that Rocksteady had invited game journalists to its studio to see its next game which will apparently be announced next month.

While Warner Bros. Montreal’s Arkham Origins wasn’t exactly a bad game (though it was hit by its share of bugs), most would agree it didn’t quite level up to Arkham Asylum or Arkham City. Would you prefer Rocksteady to once again take on the Dark Knight or do you hope they’ll turn elsewhere?

It was also revealed that DC will be making an animated movie based on the Arkham games; hopefully, they do Batman justice.

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  • karpo

    I remember back when Arkham Asylum came out, they were toting how it’s the first time they’re directly adapting Batman into a game, instead of adapting a movie based on Batman into a game. Now they’re adapting a Batman game into a movie…