What’s the Most Underrated Game Ever?

We ask you what are some of the great games you think were overlooked by gamers.

We all have games that we loved like they were best game in the world. A lot of people might not feel the same way simply because they either haven’t played the game or they couldn’t look past the flaws to see its beauty. I’ve heard a lot of people call Sleeping Dogs an underrated title and that’s something I agree with. I don’t think I am qualified to answer this question considering my age.

However, if I did have a say, I would personally choose Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines. I wrote a post about it months ago for an edition of ‘Video Game Rewind’ on Unreality Magazine. I’ve seen it go on sale often on Steam and GameFly, so I definitely recommend it!

How about you? What are the games you love that didn’t get the attention it deserves?

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  • Funny, at a glance I thought that was Kratos and Harley Quinn.That Unreality article of yours actually inspired me to finally pick that game up. It made me want more and it will be making appearances in some of my Halloween pieces for next month. Pity that series stalled, it had a lot of potential.

    All time? Are you really going to make me ram FFIV down everyone’s throats again as the most perfect RPG of all time? Nah, I’ll go with the lesser-known SNES strategy game Ogre Battle. Never played anything like it before. Never played anything like it since. And that is a crime.

  • April Daniels

    I agree with your pick for Bloodlines. What happened to that game was a tragedy.

  • Matthew Sloley

    Blasto. Still have my fingers crossed for the remake!

  • ceekyuucee


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