Where Do You Buy Your Games?

Where do you opt to purchase your video games?

My answer to this is quite simple. For PC games, I go on Steam because of their outrageously crazy sales. They are my first choice, but I still shop around other websites. Amazon also has great deals and massive discounts on digital downloads. GameFly is also an option since I always get e-mails about their weekly sales.

For consoles? I tend to stick to only Amazon because of two reasons. Firstly, they have amazing customer service. I remember writing about the time they gave me Battlefield 4 for free because they couldn’t give me the game I wanted. Secondly, I don’t have time to go to the mall so two-day shipping is a god send. They also offer release day delivery at no extra charge if you are a prime member. I don’t have the same luxury with GameStop and Best Buy.

How about you?

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  • jgjenna

    Steam when they have sales, Humble Bundles when they have a game I like (because why buy 1 game for $5 when you could have 6 plus their soundtracks?), GameStop for consoles. In the college town I lived in last year, they had a great independent game story that had great stock, plus fun evens like Mario Kart tournaments. I miss that store…

  • I mostly buy from Stem too, but I’ve bought games from Origin and too.