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Which Developer Reigns Supreme in the Realm of RPGs?

Which developer is at the top of your list?

Warrior, rogue, or mage? If you didn’t get that, then this discussion is obviously not for you.

Role-playing games are enjoyable to a majority of gamers simply because of how much power and control a developer gives to its players. You can decide how your character looks and acts in addition to their abilities. You can shape their past, present, and future. They can be a heinous villain, a virtuous hero, or possibly somewhere in between.

It’s the allure of wielding the power of choice and ownership of a main character that makes this genre so appealing to gamers. There are some developers that choose to focus on crafting a vast and dynamic world over character development and vice versa. There are others who have been lucky in finding a perfect balance between these two elements.

I would personally pick BioWare because of their compelling narrative, lore, and characters. I would heavily prefer that than to have an open-world game if asked to choose. They might be too restrictive, but Dragon Age: Inquisition looks like they are committed to opening their levels a bit more and making it more responsive to what players do. Quantic Dream came close but I don’t think they belong to this genre.

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  • You know it’s Biodrone city up in here, but I give almost equal stock to Bethesda. I tend favor the unbelievable stories and characters of Bioware, but the freedom and customization of Bethesda is not to be fucked with. What I really love is that both devs continue to evolve with almost every iteration of their games. They don’t just rest on their laurels, they are always looking to improve, and I love that.

  • Wow. Remember the time when Squaresort or other companies that made JRPG would dominate this list?

    How times have changed.

  • ceekyuucee

    BioWare is run by assholes and has a pretty assholish fandom. CDProjekt’s projects, ie the Witcher, are rather heavily misogynist and the fandom is even more so. Bethesda and I get along alright enough, I suppose, though the games have been getting less and less substantial lately. They’ve always run a buffet, but instead of grits and cornbread, they’re selling toast and jam. I mean, it’s still tasty, but less fulfilling. Obsidian, and Black Isle ultimately, represented a good bit of my middle childhood with Baldur’s Gate and then college with New Vegas. New Vegas was good. Really good. Better than Skyrim, I’d say. More fulfilling world.

  • Award for total hours played goes to Bethesda. Award for highest number of replays goes to BioWare.

  • I tend to give BioWare credit for being the most well-rounded. Obsidian/Troika/Black Isle tended to have fantastic stories and concept, and gameplay that is well… At best “functional” (Fallout: New Vegas stands out as their least buggy and broken game, and that says something)

    I could never get into Bethesda, and nothing showed this more than the contrast between Fallout: New Vegas and Fallout 3. The Obsidian outing is just so much better in every way.

    The thing with the current and former BIS people (Obsidian, Troika, etc.) is that they might turn out something awesome, they might turn out something crappy, or more often, something that is both. While Bioware tends to release a more polished product (DA2 pretty much being the exception, in a lot of ways I felt that was more like an Obsidian game than the usual Bioware standard)

    What is beginning to lose me on Bioware is their move towards more casual, less interesting gameplay. I *like* crunching numbers and trying to figure out if a +1 flaming sword is bette ror worse than a +3 mace (and against what type of enemies) DAO already felt like a dumbed down BG2 in many respects, and DA2 was so incredibly stripped down (what the hell’s up with the wierd weapons restrictions?)