Halo on the go anyone?

Does Xbox Need Their Own Handheld Device?

Should there be an Xbox device to rival the PS Vita?


While many people don’t think of the PS Vita as a runaway success, Microsoft might make a right move by releasing a device that can give PS Vita a run for its money. I actually think that they could do a good job if they explored this option. I believe that they have the capability and resources to make a device more appealing to gamers and non-gamers alike. Perhaps, they can also learn from Sony’s mistakes?

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  • Microsoft doesn’t exactly have a strong history of making quality, popular, successful hardware devices. The Xbox succeeds because of the games. The gaming landscape is fractured enough between all of the consoles, handhelds, smart phones, tablets, and social platforms.

  • I wouldn’t buy it. I think Nintendo has that market pretty much cornered and one of the things that pisses me off about Sony is that they’ve been putting resources into things like that when they could have been focusing on the main console.

  • As other Nick said, Nintendo is the powerhouse force in the market, not Sony. While integration with consoles is nice, I can’t see Microsoft being able to even dent Nintendo’s near monopoly. I think they have the right idea by focusing on smartphone integration with app connectivity. That way, they get some perks without having to waste money developing hardware for a tight market.