What’s Your Favorite Video Game Soundtrack?

What are some of the memorable scores in video games?


I have a couple of favorite video game tracks, but let me choose my most recent one. The soundtrack of Beyond: Two Souls would have to be my latest favorite. The game might have had mixed reviews, but there’s no denying that it had an awesome soundtrack. It was composed by seasoned film, television, and video game composer Lorne Balfe. He took over after Normand Corbeil, composer of past Quantic Dream games, passed away due to cancer.

The game’s soundtrack is nominated in this year’s BAFTA, so I hope they win. The Last of Us was nominated too and it was pretty good, but Beyond: Two Souls has my vote.


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  • Quite a few recent soundtracks come to mind: Rayman Origins, Fez, Bit Trip Runner2, Sword & Sworcery… and I’ve recently been listening to the GTA V “Score” soundtrack (the stuff that’s not on the radio stations) and it makes for a really good ambient sound to write to.

  • For me the only two gaming soundtracks that I actively go back and listen to are the Bastion and World of Warcraft’s Mists of Pandaria CDs. Both have enough variety between the tracks that it doesn’t melt together to sound like one long musical piece and both have a few breathtaking numbers that are put me in awe every time I hear it. Build That Wall from Bastion ( and Way of the Monk from WoW (